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I've taken this opportunity to write a HYUGE LJ entry to all of you
because I wanted to tell everyone about GEVA COMEDY IMPROV's 25.5 HOUR

It's going on _next_ weekend. It'll start at 10:30 PM on Friday Night
(10/21) and we'll keep going until the sun comes up and goes back down
again. At 10:30 PM on Saturday Night (10/22) we're going to start our
last show and hopefully, we'll all still be mostly sane! In between
these shows, we're going to be doing showcases of all the different
improv techniques and styles we've learned in the past few years.

This is our massive kick-off to Season III and we'd love for each and
every one of you to stop down to Geva Theatre (75 Woodbury Blvd) in
downtown Rochester. We'll be performing on the Nextstage. (And yes,
there will be cots set up if you need a nap.)

You can go to to see a FULL SCHEDULE
of all the things we have planned. I'll give you a quick overview:

10:30 PM: Theatresports - the classic vanilla of improv. ($7 for this.)

(you can see all three shows below for a one-time cost of $7!)
12:30 AM: Improv Karoke (your chance to get on stage with us!)
2:00 AM: Nellis Presley
4:00 AM: Campfire Improv

(it costs just $7 to see both the shows below)
6:00 AM: Microtro (special guest, University of Rocheter's "In Between
the Lines")
8:00 AM: The Morning Musical

($7 gets you two shows of improv amazement)
10:00 AM: Gorilla Theatre
12:00 PM: Brittaprov

($7 for two shows? Not a bad deal! Two Original GCI formats.)
2:00 PM: Swithun's Happy Fun Kid's Show
4:00 PM: City Council Improv

($7 for two more brand-spanking-new never-before-seen GCI formats
6:00 PM: Joanna's Character Improv (see the website for details on how
to enter your character for the show!)
8:00 PM: Pilot Episode of GCI's new Soap Opera, "LAKE BOAT"

($7 to see the kicker)
10:30 PM: We ate our pizza. We went nutty. Now, it's Round II of
Theatre Sports - 24 hours later. Can we survive?

Visit the website for descriptions of the shows. Now, we're going to
be running all day Midnight to Midnight on Saturday so let us
accomodate you! Whenever you're free: come on down!! Don't want to
see a late show? Catch the early afternoon! I highly recommend "City
Council Improv" as that was an original creation by Mookie & Brian
Daniel. It recently premiered at Daily Perks Coffeehouse and received
an incredible reception.

So, you have a week. Save up your pennies. Figure out your favorite
kind of coffee. Dig out those long johns. If you're zany enough, for
$30 you can buy an unlimited pass. But, if you stay for the whole
time - all 25.5 hours - you can win a pass to every GCI event for the
rest of the Season. That's right - no more paying for Season III GCI
Tickets for you! You even get two naps. Interested? Everything is
on the website, hombre!

I hope to see some of your smiling faces down at Geva.
Please come to Geva NEXT weekend!!!

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