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Geva Comedy Improv - Fun Fun Fun!

Last night Geva Comedy Improv presented week four of "FIASCO: Lake Boat!" out at SUNY Brockport. It was an interesting show because our numbers were down to just: Tim, Josie, Chris, Mike, Brian and Paul along with our narrator Adam. This was actually our strongest outing and we all had a really good time. On a suggestion from Mr Litz, we used the convention where we started the story with everyone in danger - in this case, the entire crew was locked in Supply Room #3 and Bradley had assumed Temporary Captainship of what was becoming a disaster! Then, using flashbacks we revealed how we got there. It was a terrific device that really helped facilitate the entire adventure. Surprises included:
* Steve (Brian D.) revealing that he was a robot.
* Brad (Chris H.) revealing that he had Gulf War Syndrome and was an ex-marine (who took Tae-bo).
* Rosemarie (Josie S.) revealing that she was pregnant through immaculate conception.
* Captain Barney (Paul N.) revealing that he had taken his daughter Rosemarie away from her mother at a young age.
* Gerald (Tim G.) revealing he was not from the South at all, but rather actually named Tom Sawyer Johnson and hailed from Cleveland, Ohio.
* Frank (Mike C.) revealing that he was dead when Steve snapped his neck.
........and much, much more!

So, tune in next week at the Student Commons Building - Room 112 (something like that, you'll see the table set up and the ticket sellers) for the LAST episode of this season of FIASCO: LAKE BOAT~! Tickets are $1 for students, $2 for non-students and the show starts at 930 PM on Monday Night out at SUNY BROCKPORT. If you need more details, let me know! It should be a sold-out extravaganza with tons and tons of twists & turns. Dontchadaremissit!

ALSO~! This weekend there is:
- GCI Show on Friday @ 1030 PM at Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY (Theatresports)
- GCI Show on Saturday @ 1030 PM at Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY (City Council Improv)

Tickets are only $7 and these shows are going to be amazing. COME AND SEE!~
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