Mookie (mookieghana) wrote in gevacomedy,

Just reminding everyone that we have a bunch of shows this week and
we'd love to see you there!

WEDNESDAY - 8 PM - MILESTONES - COMEDY BLOCK PARTY - 2 for 1 tickets available at the website~!
We'll be the main act of the night playing short-form games and stuff
we don't (and can't) get away with at Geva. It's going to be a rowdy
great time! CHECK IT OUT!!! (The opening act is going to be
something else. Check the website for more information but I promise
you're at least going to remember you were there when you saw this
Mookie, Adam, Beki and others will be performing!

FRIDAY & SATURDAY - 1030 PM - GEVA THEATRE - tickets are just $7 !!

FRIDAY NIGHT is THEATRESPORTS. The lineup is as follows --
host - brian
music - jim and arthur
judge - tim
team 1 - mike, beki, and charley
team 2 - swithun, paul, and liam

SATURDAY NIGHT is CITY COUNCIL. The lineup is as follows --
COUNCIL: Charley, Adam, Mike
TOWN: Mookie, Liam, Paul, Swithun, Brian

Directions and more information are available on the websites I've
already mentioned. Please check them out and come down for a show
this week. We have a three-day weekend so kick out the jams with GCI!

"Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an improvisor? Well,
here's your chance! Geva Comedy Improv is excited to announce improv
classes here at Geva Theatre Center! Whether you're a beginner or have
cups of experience, we've got a class for you, filled with as much fun
as insight. Classes are every Thursday from June 15th to July 20th
from 7:00 pm to 9:00, and will give you everything you need to know
about the pappy-slappin' theatre form known as improv! For more
details email or call 232-1366 x 3035 for more
info!" - we're going to have a level I and level II classes so whether
you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, please check it out! It's a
really amazing experience and hopefully we'll find some talented elk
here in Rochester!
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