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GCI: Giant Robots, Monkeys, Spagmometers, Pirates.

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Once upon a time, Rochester was a sad place. The People finished work at 5pm and then went immediately home to silently stare at their families. The nightlife was infected with itchy red boredom, and only one man possessed the cooling comedy balm with which to sooth away Rochester’s misery. That man was Mr. Geva.

Mr. Geva knew that to shake things up, to make things more dangerous, he would need a comedy improv troupe, comprised of hardy souls that would tweak the nose of fear, eat at the table of danger, and occasionally drink from the bottle of triumph.

A call went out to all seven corners of the globe, and Mr. Geva braved the elements of nations big and small, tall and short, awesome and not-so-awesome, until he found masters of the craft – and they came from Atlanta.

Sean Daniels, Matt Horgan, and the lads and lasses of Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta, Georgia knew just what it would take to shape and mould improvisers that could slake the thirst of Mr. Geva and an improv-hungry Rochester, New York. They assembled thousands upon thousands of young improvisers with nothing but love and guts in their hearts. Through weeks and months of tortuous training, they fought for the honor of becoming a Geva improviser. Most failed. Some were horribly maimed. But those few that made it became known as Geva Comedy Improv.

After rigorous, vigorous preparation and many hours of mediation, Geva Comedy Improv opened its doors to the world in September of 2003, and has been tweaking, eating, and occasionally drinking ever since.